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Dubrovnik, also known as the Republic of Ragusa, is a city-state that has withstood the test of time, defying empires and preserving its liberty for centuries. With its rich cultural heritage, enlightened laws, and diplomatic skills, Dubrovnik became a model for other nations. Today, the Old Town is a testament to the city's layered history, intrigue, and human stories intertwined in stone. To truly experience Dubrovnik's local culture, meet some of the best tour guides and tours of Dubrovnik who are essential ambassadors, providing valuable insights and knowledge that will enhance your travel experience.

By taking a tour, you can learn from the experts, save time and hassle, connect with locals, and support local businesses. Whether you're interested in a walking tour of the Old Town or a day trip to explore the countryside, we believe that private tours are the way to go for quality. Here, you'll find some of the best handpicked tours in Dubrovnik, each designed to make the most of your travels.

Five Best Tours in Dubrovnik

Small operator - Private Walking Tours

If you are looking for a personalized walking tour that suits your interests and preferences, Majic Tours is the perfect choice. Davor Majic, a licensed tour guide with a passion for history and storytelling, will take you on a journey trough Old Town, where you will discover Dubrovnik's amazing heritage and culture. You will see the medieval walls and monuments, and hear fascinating tales and insights that will enrich your understanding and appreciation of this beautiful city. Majic Tours offers various tours that are friendly, informative, and fun. You can book a Tour with Majic Tours on their website or check out the blog about Dubrovnik there as well.

If you want to experience Dubrovnik in a fun and adventurous way, Dubrovnik Walks is the tour company for you. They offer walking and kayaking tours that show you different sides of the city. You can see the Old Town with its historic sights, kayak around the beautiful coastlines and islands, go on City Walls Tour or learn about hidden gems and local stories from expert guides. Dubrovnik Walks combines fun, adventure, and education in its tours. You will enjoy a lively, engaging, and authentic vibe with them. You can book a Tour with Dubrovnik Walks on their website.

Larger Operator - Group Walking Tours

If you want to discover more than Dubrovnik, Laus Travel is the travel agency for you. They offer day trips to nearby countries and islands that have amazing culture and nature. You can go to Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro, where you will see historic towns, waterfalls, and monasteries. You can also go to Lokrum Island, where you will enjoy beautiful beaches, cliffs, and sea caves. Laus Travel’s tours are led by friendly and knowledgeable licensed guides. You will have an adventurous, cultural, and fun experience with them. You can book a Tour with Laus Travel on their website.

Small One Day Trip Operator

Libertas Cruises is a private boat rental service that lets you discover the beauty of Dubrovnik by sea. You can choose from half-day tours that last 4 hours or a full day experience lasting 8 or more hours. All tours can include swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and sightseeing. You can also customize your own itinerary and visit nearby islands, caves and beaches or simply rely on skippers local knowledge of best locations. Libertas Cruises tours are unique because they offer a variety of customizable choices and include skipper, drinks, pickup and drop-off and snorkeling gear to name a few. They are relatively new on the market but stand out with quality and reliability. Private boat cruise offer crowd-escaping experience, ideal for families or groups of friends who want to have fun and relax. The overall vibe of Libertas Cruises is adventurous, scenic and enjoyable. You can book a Tour with Libertas Cruises on their website.

Small Operator - Private Boat Tours

Karaka Dubrovnik is a travel agency that offers sailing and cruising experiences on a replica of a traditional 16th century ship. You can enjoy the views of Dubrovnik’s old town, islands and coastlines from the deck of this historic vessel. You can also join themed events such as Game of Thrones tours, sunset dinners, cocktail parties and weddings. Karaka Dubrovnik’s tours are unique because they combine history, culture and entertainment in a memorable way. The overall vibe of Karaka Dubrovnik is nostalgic, romantic and fun. You can book a Tour with Karaka on their website.

Large Operator - Group Boat Tours